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Aircraft Management

Aircraft management

Do you own your own aircraft already? Or are you thinking of purchasing?

Elite Aero has over 20 years experience in aircraft procurement and management of corporate aircraft.

Aircraft management for the discerning owner encompasses a comprehensive range of services aimed at ensuring a seamless and enjoyable aviation experience. 

We can offer a range of services from full support meaning that from the moment you acquire your aircraft, Elite Aero will take care of every detail, providing expert guidance and support. This includes overseeing aircraft operations, maintenance, and compliance with regulatory requirements. We will ensure optimal performance and safety on every flight and handle all logistics aspects, such as flight planning, fuelling, and catering, while optimising operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Additionally, we provide detailed financial management, offering transparent reporting and budgeting to ensure a clear overview of expenses and investments. With our expertise, the discerning owner can focus on enjoying the benefits of aircraft ownership while having peace of mind that their asset is in capable hands.

Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft acquisition for a private owner involves a meticulous and personalised process aimed at finding the perfect aircraft to meet their specific needs and preferences. It begins with a comprehensive analysis of the owner’s requirements, considering factors such as desired range, cabin size, performance capabilities, and budget.

The CEO of Elite Aero will work closely with the owner to understand their travel patterns, lifestyle, and long-term goals to ensure the right aircraft choice. Through extensive market research and industry connections, we identify suitable aircraft options, thoroughly evaluating their condition, maintenance history, and documentation.

The aircraft management team at Elite Aero can then assist in negotiations, ensuring fair pricing and favourable terms, while also providing expert guidance during pre-purchase inspections and legal documentation. We strive to create a seamless and transparent process, keeping the owner informed at every step. Ultimately, aircraft acquisition for a private owner aims to deliver a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with their aviation aspirations, providing a gateway to unparalleled freedom and convenience in air travel. 

Aircraft Acquisition
Aircraft management

And that’s not all, for those owners looking to take the next step, we can also discuss operating their aircraft under our AOC which allows substantial tax benefits to the owner.


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